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Run!!! description

"Can't catch me, I'm the Gingerspace man!"

Is it sunny outside? Is it raining? Are my friends here? What year is it? Don't ask me, I'm still playing Kongregate's Run - an endless runner with exactly the perfect design and game mechanisms to get you irrevocably hooked.

You're a cartoon alien running at top speed through a series of ever holier tubes (in the swiss cheese sense, that is). Gravity's funky here in space; jump over any holes in your path, or just switch to another side of the tubes, which change in form as you progress through the levels from cubic to hexagonal to circular to essentially freeform. Some platforms will crumble away if you touch 'em. As you successfully run through more and more levels, you'll unlock aliens that move in slightly different ways, thus presenting sweet new physics challenges.

The graphics are just great; the combination of simple vectorized tubes and the doodle-bug alien works wonders. Controls are perfectly responsive. The electro-music is simple, but shifts every couple levels so you don't get burned out. If you fall off the edge of the level, no cause for despair - there are neither lives nor points at stake; you'll regenerate at the beginning of that same level immediately to try, try again.

Kongregate's Run is extremely well designed and addictive as can be. I can't wait to finish this review so that I can get back to playing it.

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