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Jelly Juggle description

"Bounce blocks off fish"


In Jelly Juggle, you’ll control a fish who loves spinning around in circles. You’ll have to tap and hold on the screen to move your jellyfish in a circle and reach the moving block from going off-screen. If you’re successful, the block will bounce off your fish, keeping the game going. However, if you don’t reach the block in time, the game will end. Jelly Juggle tracks how many bounces you can successfully make. The higher you go, the more levels you’ll unlock. Later levels will have you racing to have several blocks bouncing off you at the same time.


Jelly Juggle will test your reflexes as the gameplay quickly pick-up pace, forcing you to keep tapping and holding as fast as you can. This game also runs quite smoothly, so don’t expect lag.


Despite the challenge, however, Jelly Juggle becomes incredibly boring very quickly, thanks to the game’s repetitive mechanics, and lack of additional game modes, making for a game you may uninstall after a few minutes of play.

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