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Ironpants description

"Those pants are too heavy to fly!"

Flying is an awesome super-power but it requires also super-strength, especially if the super-hero wears iron pants. Fight against the gravity and keep the super-hero flying as long as you can while avoiding obstacles on your way.

By default, the super-hero will fall unless you tap to keep it in the air. You must balance taps and falling in order to pass through the boxes blocks' gaps. Every blocked passed counts, so you can show off your records on online leaderboards and Twitter.

Ironpants is set in 8-bit retro pixelated graphics that will engage both nostalgics and newcomers. Although the game is engaging enough, I think power-ups and more variety of obstacles would enhance its playability. It doesn't include an upgrading system and that's something that definitely fits this game genre.

And that's it, basically. Ironpants put your reflexes to the test and keeps you glued to the screen with a simple yet addictive gameplay. Do you dare to give it a go?

Wanna play hard?! Ironpants - new arcade game by E2applets is for you! Be the best and fly the longest distance with your hero Ironpants avoiding coming obstacles.

One touch control

One hero

One goal

Ironpants might be the hardest game you have ever played. Prove that your skills are made from iron! Be the best!

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